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Garden Bleu offers a variety of french gardern furniture, Victorian designed outdoor and garden accesories, as well as interior décor products and beautiful fabrics.  Garden Bleu also does Garden landscaping and decorative building.

Our favourite Store's new look


As most entrepreneurs will tell you, a small business can take over your life. For Claudia Zinzan and Nick Hutchinson, better known as Father Rabbit Limited, this literally became true when, following the successful December 2010 launch their online shop, the goods started taking over their New Zealand home.

The solution came last fall when a turnover in the second half of their weatherboard split villa allowed them to expand their web-based enterprise to include a physical showroom-style store. Now Father Rabbit has a home that is every bit equal to the sublimely simple housewares within. And though Claudia and Nick are no less busy with the business, they can't beat their commute.

We just love their new look, some inspiration for us as small business owners!



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