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Garden Bleu offers a variety of french gardern furniture, Victorian designed outdoor and garden accesories, as well as interior décor products and beautiful fabrics.  Garden Bleu also does Garden landscaping and decorative building.

Hanging Plants

The new trend of hanging plants has taken us by storm. Create your own hanging garden right by your kitchen window to brighten your cold winter mornings.

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Angus & Celeste began as a collaboration between Asha Celeste and Keir Angus when they finished art school, but now it has taken on a life of its own. By adding colorant to liquid porcelain before it’s fired in the kiln, they’ve created soft colors for their so-called “jelly planters” inspired by gelatin molds. On the other hand, their “hanging garden” series come stamped with patterns that are hand drawn, then stenciled onto the bowl.

“Living spaces are shrinking as cities get bigger and more built up, but hanging planters foliate your home or balcony from the top down without wasting floor space,” Asha says. “Indoor plants also last a lot longer than cut flowers which is a huge benefit.”

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