Garden Bleu

Garden Bleu offers a variety of french gardern furniture, Victorian designed outdoor and garden accesories, as well as interior décor products and beautiful fabrics.  Garden Bleu also does Garden landscaping and decorative building.

The inspiration behind the Garden Bleu-brand was to create an establishment people could visit to satisfy all their gardening needs, not only for landscaping but for decorating as well. A one-of-a-kind spot with local, handmade garden decor and accessories created from wood, wrought iron and other materials. The stores house an array of different styles from French garden furniture to Victorian wirework, as well as product ranges with Tuscan influences for both interior and outdoor spaces.

Products include obelisks, garden benches, bistro chairs and tables, pergolas, baker's trays, trellises, wall mounts, pot shelves, hanging baskets, topiary shapes, shelves and chandeliers.

Garden Bleu also specialises in custom made water features, swimming pools, landscaping and outdoor renovations.

Garden Bleu has the ability to look after all your gardening needs, big or small. Not only will they help transform your outside area into a relaxing sanctuary, their wide selection of interior decor items, through their Linen and Stone Range, is sure to add charm to all your indoor areas as well. Let Garden Bleu turn your house into a home, both inside and out.

The best way to experience what this world-class interior and exterior has to offer is to interact with their products in store. Their in store displays resonate with a strong affinity for arrangements that are more than just esthetically pleasing.



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