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Garden Bleu Parkhurst is a landscaping and retail garden decor and boutique nursery situated at  44 11th Street  Parkhurst, Johannesburg. We manufacture a large range of wrought iron garden furniture and garden décor, as well as selling art, upcycled furniture, vintage garden furniture, and a large variety of other distinctive, luxe items.

While our website gives you a tiny insight into what we offer, we invite you to visit our beautiful and intriguing shop in Parkhurst - where the truly distinctive style of our products is gorgeously showcased for you. 

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We manufacture most of our wrought iron items, ranging from Bistro tables and chairs, freestanding and wall-mounted plant shelves, pot holders, decorative wall items, pergolas, arches and bird cages.

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As a boutique nursery, we stock a wide range of pots and planters from cement, terracotta, fibre cement and steel and a variety of glazed interior pots.

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We stock a wide range of in-season plants and we are consistently searching for unusual and sought after plants to fill our shelves for our clients benefit.

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Garden Bleau landscaping


Apart from soft landscaping, the design layout and planting, we also specialize in hard landscaping which includes swimming pools, water features, garden stairs, retaining walls, and specialist plasterwork.

Garden Bleu is also well known for specialized decorative building solutions and renovations to residential homes. Whether this is the design and/or upgrade of  entertainments areas, bathroom renovations, and the redesign and building of new and existing living spaces.

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Garden Bleau Up-cycle vintage


We regularly get interesting items in such as tripod lights, old wooden workbenches, table lamps,  interesting steel lockers, industrial wire lockers,  vintage and antique safes, antique garden chairs and art objects. 

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Garden Bleau Water Features


Garden Bleu is well known for its bespoke, built water features which are designed to fit and match the design elements of the garden and home.

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