The benefits of gardening...

Updated: Jul 8

It connects you to nature and yourself. Humans need connection; for our minds, our bodies and our spirits. Gardens really do matter.

5 Benefits of gardening:

1. Good for your health. The health benefits of gardening are never ending. Being in the sun and fresh air increases your exposure to Vitamin D and the weight-bearing exercise of gardening is great for your bones and heart.

2) Never having to stop! You are never to old to be a Gardener, and one can continue to grow plants and enjoy the hobby even as you get older. You may need to modify some aspects such as raising beds to an easier height or scale down the size of your garden, but the garden is endlessly flexible.

3) Boosts your mood! A round of gardening always makes you feel a little bit more cheery It turns out it’s in the dirt.

4) Gardens are important for the planet. As more wild areas are disrupted for development, gardens become important places for water to be filtered or carbon to be sequestered by trees.

5. Kids love Gardens, and Gardens love kids. Gardening helps forge relationships between generations. How many gardeners learned at the elbow of a parent or grandparent? When children are given a chance to grow their own food, they feel a great sense of accomplishment. They love sharing the food with others and teaching others about gardening.

“Creating a garden that helps pollinators is rather easy in fact. The 3 most important aspects are: use mostly indigenous plants, think about the full life cycle of the pollinator, and add water, shelter and nectar. .”
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