Looking at landscaping trends in 2021

Updated: Jul 8

Read more about the top 20 biggest landscaping trends that gained popularity in 2020, and are now even more prevalent as 2021 goes forth.

container vegetable garden planted with lettuce and herbs

2020 has been a big year in the landscaping world and there are several innovations that grabbed our attention. Many landscaping trends took us back to nature with more low-maintenance, water-smart and eco-friendly designs. Many also involved using our outdoor spaces for more of our typically-indoor activities.

“What trends would consider for your landscape designs in 2021/2022? Contact us if you would like to discuss them.”

1. Going Native (indigenous)

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed over the years, it’s that people are choosing more and more native/indigenous plants with every year that passes. Native plants provide a range of benefits but most importantly, they’ve already demonstrated that they can tolerate the conditions of your area.

When natives are chosen, you’ll have less to worry about as a gardener. They’ll thrive with the rainfall, wind, drought, and sun conditions that they’re used to. They’ve had hundreds—if not thousand—of years to adapt to stresses from pests or disease.

Even better, they tend to do better than non-natives when it comes to the extreme weather events brought on by climate change.

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